This category includes high quality threads, cords and tapes for bookbinding and other craft projects.

Bookbinding linen thread is different from normal cotton sewing thread as it is much stronger. There is waxed and un-waxed linen thread available – you can use our beeswax to wax the thread. Traditionally unbleached linen thread is the preferred material for binding but we also sell coloured linen threads for exposed and more decorative bindings.

Tapes and cords are used in bookbinding for sewing signatures (or sections of the book) together and are sold in varying widths. They can also be used for ribbon ties and other applications. Our tapes are unbleached and unsized. Our Linen Sewing Tape is popular with bookbinders of all levels. Pliester, a woven tape, allows tapes to be frayed and twisted into individual cords which can then be laced on to the boards in the traditional way.

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