Hayle Mill in Kent, England was purchased by John Green in 1815. The Green family produced papers there continuously until the mill closed in 1987. These papers were used by English and continental watercolour artists from J.M.W. Turner onwards. For many contemporary artists, the increasingly rare remaining stocks of Hayle Mill papers, are considered the last genuine contact with the papermaking craft of many decades ago.

The J. Green & Sons RWS Watercolour paper was for many years the official paper of the Royal Watercolour Society. From 1895 to 1962, in response to continued market pressures on the quality of watercolour papers, the mill made papers only of cotton rag, gelatin, alum, rosin and soap, watermarked as the "official paper of the Royal Watercolour Society."  Sheets are mouldmade, 100% cotton, neutral pH, internally and tub sized with gelatin, air dried and with two natural deckle edges.

To watch a short film of paper making at Hayle Mill shot in 1976 click HERE.

These papers are from the Brixton studio of the artist Leonard McComb RA.

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