Archival Drop Spine Box - A3+


These die-cut boxes are bought as flat-pack items and simply fold together to form a rigid item.

Made from Premier Grade Grey/White Archive Board which is made to a detailed specification designed to give a safe storage environment for all types of archive material including photographs.

The board is low in reducible sulphur and other oxidising elements, free from optical brightening agents, and is laminated with a specially produced pH 7 plasticiser free EVA adhesive. Lightfast, 5 to 6 on the blue wool scale, the paper is buffered with calcium carbonate and has an average pH value of 7.5 to 8.5. Our boxes are unique because the board for each box is specially laminated prior to the die cutting process. Die cutting when the board is still damp from laminating means that the board does not crack. Other boxes where the board is laminated and stored prior to being die cut are prone to cracking.


Callipers: 1300 microns
Board laminated with our specially produced plasticiser free EVA adhesive, pH 7
Grey & White paper
Furnish: 100% Woodfree, Elemental Chlorine Free
Chlorides as NaCl: 0.3%
Lignin free
Sulphates as Na2So4: 0.1%
Free of optical brightening agents
Reducible sulphur: less than 0.5 parts per million
Calcium Carbonate Reserve: 3%
Both the Grey and White paper used for laminating the board conforms to: the Heavy Metal requirements of the European Toy Regulations; Ref: EN 71, Part 3 (BS5665)
pH cold extract: 7.5 - 8.5
Sizing Agent: alkyl ketene dimer
Lightfast: Blue wool test 5 - 6

520 x 420 x 64mm A3+

1300 micron



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