Nepali Paper Geometric - Blue


Geometric - blue, pumpkin & ivory.

These wonderful lotka papers are handmade and screen printed in the old fashioned way in the Kathmandu valley.
Made from the bark of a special mulberry bush, the branches are harvested and the bark is peeled off. Within 5 -7 years the bush will regrow it's branches. The bark is then beaten and cooked until it becomes smooth. After the cooking process the bark is again beaten and then chopped up by machine into small pieces called pulp. This pulp will then be "dissolved" in a large water tank into which the screen for the sheet is placed, by moving the screen in the water tank the pulp is spread evenly throughout the screen. The screen is slowly removed from the water and the sheet is formed. The paper is dried by having the screen exposed to sun light, either vertically in the mould or traditionally at an angle. The paper is made in remote villages where the lokta grows and then the plain paper sheets are transported to Kathmandu where they are dyed and screen printed.
Much attention has been paid to ensure fair working standards, as well as quality and environmentally friendly production processes.

500mm x 750mm



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