Berlin Mouse Laid 110gsm


Mouse Brown - laid / 110gsm

Made from raw unspun flax (linen fibres), this paper is very strong with a unique aesthetic - something of a hybrid between paper, parchment and leather.

Often used as a cover paper for books and boxes as it bears handling well. Also suitable for the restoration of books - particularly worn corners as it shrinks as it dries resulting in a very tough and resilient surface. The colour is very sympathetic for use with old bindings.

Fine quality handmade laid paper - perfect for book restoration or where a period feel is required.

Handmade in Berlin by Gangolf Ulbricht.
All papers made in this studio comply with German ( DIN 6738 ),
American ( ANSI NISO Z 39.48 ) ( 1992 )
and international ( ISO 9706 ) standards for age-resistant papers.
Only wood-free fibres and an alkaline buffer (calcium carbonate)
are used.

455 x 720mm




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