Repair Papers Sample Pack


Six A5 sized sheets of the best repair tissues - trial-sized sample pack.

Perfect for book repair & conservation of works on paper.

Strong & lightweight, our conservation papers are widely used for hinging, backing and repairing paper.

Kozo is appropriate for almost any paper conservation technique because of its wet strength, it's long strong fibres (10-15mm) and it's malleability.

Paper / gsm / code for large sheets / description

1) Bib Tengujo - 12gsm (J627240)
100% Manilla Hemp fibre. pH7.1. A strong fine weight paper. Often used in conservation as an interleaf paper. Also suitable as backing paper and for repairing torn paper.

2) Tosa Usushi - 15gsm (CON9703)
100% Kozo. Paper originating from Tosa (A province in Koichi prefecture). 'Usu-shi' can be translated as 'vanishing paper'.

3) Kizuki Tosa Kozo - 18gsm (CON11063)
Handmade, 100% Japanese Kozo cooked in soda ash. Sought after for repairs/guarding/hinging due to long, strong fibres and thin, evenly-formed nature of each sheet.

4) Sekishu Banshi Tsuru - 25gsm (CON1102)
100% Japanese Kozo paper, cooked in soda ash. 60% cleaned green bark particularly strong - good for hinging/mending/backing.

5) Hosokawa Kozo -35gsm (CON1107)
100% Japanese kozo paper, cooked in soda ash. Heritage washi - extremely versitile and tough. A warm tone - good for conservation and printmaking.

6) Yame Kozo Hadaura #S3 (CON12441)
100% Japanese kozo, ideal for book repair and paper conservation where a darker than natural tone is required.

For guarding signatures, hinging, attaching covers to book, repairing page tears, Kozo is the best choice.

All papers listed are available in large sheets. Please search with product code to access extra information on paper.




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