Treasurer's Pen - silver


These Dip Pens are in the style commonly in use in the 1950/60’s. The older style were very versatile in the size of nib shank they would accommodate and were not prone to going rusty. Also the wood and varnish of the handle was not subjected to water ingress, which can cause it to crack and flake off. They were the nib holder of choice in many drawing offices.

These old style, dip pen nib holders are often the only handles that will take Vintage dip pen nibs. The Vintage nibs are usually made of a thicker metal than those of today and the common nib holders do not always accept them. Some Vintage nibs also have a different shank profile which again will not fit todays holders.

They are easy to keep clean, they do not drop rusty particles onto your work as you use them, they have the finger grip further from the nib, as it should be, and they are well balanced in the hand.

They come with either a Silver or Gilt metal nib ferrule, on a wooden Walnut handle made using wood from renewable sources.

One vintage nib supplied.


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