The New Bookbinder Vol 30 2010


The New Bookbinder is the Journal of the Designer Bookbinders, and is published annually.

This issue fetaures:

Flexible Friends
(Katinka Keus)

Movable Books Without Folds
(Paul Johnson)

Past-paper on Boards
(Kerstin Forstmeyer)

Paper Worlds
(Clare Bryan, Tracey Bush)

The Linnaean Correspondence Project
(Philippa Sterlini & Vanessa Charles)

The Art of Paper Decoration
(Véronique le Borgne)

Books, Beetles and Mark Cockram
(Nesta Davies)

Recent Bindings by Fellows and Licentiates
(Edited by Vivien Frank)

The Man Booker Shortlist Bindings 2009

The Bookbinding Competition 2009

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