Conservation Gampi 12g x 50cm

CON13736 XM

Exceptional, conservation quality machine made 100% Japanese gampi. A favourite of printmakers for chine colle, it also prints well on its own. Takes digital printing beautifully when attached to a carrier sheet. Gorgeous for layering with drawing and mixed media experiments. Made in Kochi, Japan by Kashiki Mill, producer of high quality paper for conservation - made on slow machines that distribute fibres evenly - gampi has high capacity to shrink when wet and dried. Also has some use for conservation: sometimes used for repairing vellum

Gampi is made from the inner bark of the gampi bush which grows in the wild. The paper is naturally sized which slows absorption. It is a durable paper with an almost transparent look, excellent wet strength and a lustrous silky surface.

Natural / cream

Sold in half metre units - cut from a roll 98cm wide.

* Please note - all Royal mail orders will be supplied in 50 x 98cm units and rolled along the short edge. if you require 2 or more units in a continuous piece, please select COURIER at checkout.

1m x 0.5m




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