Moriki Kozo - White

Moriki Kozo - White


Moriki Kozo - White

Handmade with at 80% Chinese kozo, 20% sulphite, these papers are of the original Moriki quality.
Useable for bookbinding and conservation, letterpress and fine art. They use direct dyes, with have good lightfastness will not run/bleed if the paper is being pasted down or dampened for etching.The base papers are PH neutral, but anything dyed will be slightly off neutral. (they're not buffered). However they are readily recommended as safe and long-lasting papers.

All sheets are approximately 635x490mm with deckle. Dyelots may vary:some of the reds are particularly hard to match exactly. Actual colours are more intense than they appear. For consistency within a series customers should buy what they need in one batch.

635x490mm (approx)



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