Mitsumata Iron Oxide Grey 29g


Handmade in Okayama, Japan by a master papermaker. This paper is made from
100% mitsumata fibres. The mitsumata was cooked in slaked lime. The paper is
dried on boards - the grain of the wood is visible in the sheet.
Naturally dyed with iron oxide pigments.
Mitsumata is known as the "feminine element": graceful, delicate, soft and modest.
Mitsumata takes longer to grow than kozo and is thus a more expensive paper.
It is indigenous to Japan and is also grown as a crop.
This is an exceptional handmade sheet - crisp & translucent.
The grey paper was developed to back silver leaf and the pink tone to back gold leaf.
This sheet is unsized and has deckle edges.

Great for printmaking, chine collé and drawing.

545 x 980mm




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