Offenbach Bible Paper - 50gsm


A super lightweight opaque bible paper made to an incredibly high standard. Unlike 'bank papers' this sheet has an excellent, even sheet formation and outstanding flatness, which improves runability.

Offenbach Bible has a heavily "loaded" surface which makes it very receptive to printing and is suitable for prestige text work and the finest limited edition prints.

The paper is acid free and has excellent archival qualities.

Offenbach Bible paper is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) bleached. It is also alum and rosin free and it's pH balance is greater than 7.5. This paper has a permanence estimated at more than 100 years.

The paper is suitable for offset lithography. If printing images, a screen ruling which does justice to the quality of the original and the repro available should be used.

By its very nature, Offenbach Bible can be difficult to handle and finish, it is suited to four colour, tritone and duotone repro, however where there is heavy ink coverage then Under Colour Removal could be considered.

Long grain.

700x1000mm (B1)

50gsm (LG)

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