Hewit leather is very popular amongs bookbinders. We stock their Bookcalf, Restoration Calf, Chieftan and Pentland.

Bookcalf is tanned using sumac and tara. This leather has a clean and smooth finish and is ideal for fine binding. Extra care whilst handling this skin is necessary as the surface does mark easily. 

Restoration Calf, as the name suggest, is best used on restoration projects. The colour range lends itself to use on period bindings. As with all Hewit's leathers, an archival tannage is used to ensure the leather is durable yet supple to use. 

Chieftan is perfect on traditional binding with a shrunken grain which mimics the Levant Range of papers. They tool and gild well making them a popular choice at our bindery.

Pentland is made from Indian goatskin with an impressed grain for an improved finish. These skins boast a hand polished surface giving them a two tone look. Great for designer binding and presentation boxes. 

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